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Pretty much what it says on the tin: a selection of free fiction for you. Some of these have already been published elsewhere - others might not have been. Credit given where applicable. As with all my published work, expect the likes of death, violence, blood, gore, strong language and sexual scenes as a minimum.

Don't Run (first published in Devolution Z magazine, October 2015)  

Look Into Hell (first published in Coming Back, Thirteen O'Clock Press, November 2014) 


Blacker Magic (first published online by Spinetinglers, May 2013). Pretty much a nostalgia entry here: one of the earliest stories I'd ever sold.


Lock That Scream Inside 

Sunset Is Just The Beginning (first published in Cranial Leakage, Vol. 1, Grinning Skull Press, October 2014). This tale is the middle of the story arc that starts in Sanity Slips Through Your Fingers (in the DeadSteam anthology) and ends in the novella But Worse Will Come.


Giving Butterflies At Night

I See Someone Unravelling 

Anybody's Skin 

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