My work has a combination of death, violence, blood, gore, strong language and sexual scenes. Outside of those elements, click on the blue info button next to a particular work if you need a trigger/content warning.

SHORT FICTION / Anthologies


On Reflection - Another 100 Horrors, June 2013

I Wouldn't Let You Die - 100 Doors To Madness, Forgotten Tomb Press, October 2013

Sunset Is Just The Beginning - Cranial Leakage, Tales From The Grinning Skull, Vol. 1, Grinning Skull Press, November 2014


Look Into Hell - Coming Back, Thirteen O' Clock Press, November 2014


Just Him - Creature Stew, Papa Bear Press, January 2015


I'm Taking You With Me - Crossroads In The Dark, Burning Willow Press, October 2015


Forfeit Tissue - Crossroads In The Dark II, Burning Willow Press, December 2016


Ice Cream For A Queen - Crossroads In The Dark III, Burning Willow Press, September 2017


Deceitful - The Black Room Manuscripts, Vol. 3, Sinister Horror Company, February 2018


Sanity Slips Through Your Fingers - DeadSteam, Grimmer & Grimmer Books - October 2018


Kin, We Are - Crossroads In The Dark IV, Burning Willow Press, December 2018

Stringless Puppetry - Twice-Told: A Collection Of Doubles, Cthonic Matter - February 2019


Curious, If Anything - The Third Corona Book Of Horror Stories, Corona Books - October 2019

Seeking Frailty - Welcome Home, LVP Publications, December 2019


Midsummer Eve (Kin) - Great British Horror 5, Black Shuck Books, February 2021 - available from publisher


Janine Inside Me - Inferno, The Infernal Clock - December 2020 


At The End Of A Pistol - DeadSteam II, Grimmer & Grimmer Books - October 2021

SHORT FICTION / Magazines, Journals


Don't Run - Devolution Z magazine, October 2015


Tear You Wide Open - Devolution Z magazine, May 2016


So Dreamy Inside - Turn To Ash, Volume 1, August 2016


The Quiet On The Water - Weirdbook Magazine, Issue 36, August 2017


Time Alone - Turn To Ash, Volume 3, December 2017

SHORT FICTION / Standalone stories


Forfeit Tissue - Reprinted by Demain Publishing, July 2019


But Worse Will Come - Re-printed by Dream's Edge Publishing, August 2020



Semen - Re-printed by Dream's Edge Publishing, July 2020



Downwind, Alice - LVP Publications, October 2020 - available from publisher.



There Goes Pretty - Dark Minds Press, February 2021