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SHORT FICTION / Anthologies

On Reflection - (published in Another 100 Horrors anthology), June 2013

I Wouldn't Let You Die - (published in 100 Doors To Madness anthology), Forgotten Tomb Press, October 2013

Sunset Is Just The Beginning - (published in Cranial Leakage, Tales From The Grinning Skull, Vol. 1), Grinning Skull Press, November 2014

Look Into Hell - (published in Coming Back anthology), Thirteen O' Clock Press, November 2014

Just Him - (published in Creature Stew anthology), Papa Bear Press, January 2015

I'm Taking You With Me - (published in Crossroads In The Dark anthology), Burning Willow Press, October 2015

Forfeit Tissue - (published in Crossroads In The Dark II anthology), Burning Willow Press, December 2016

Ice Cream For A Queen - (published in Crossroads In The Dark III anthology), Burning Willow Press, September 2017

Deceitful - (published in The Black Room Manuscripts, Vol. 3 anthology), Sinister Horror Company, February 2018

Sanity Slips Through Your Fingers - (published in DeadSteam), Grimmer & Grimmer Books) - October 2018

Kin, We Are - (published in Crossroads In The Dark IV anthology), Burning Willow Press, December 2018


Stringless Puppetry - (published in Twice-Told: A Collection Of Doubles), Cthonic Matter - February 2019


Curious, If Anything - (published in The Third Corona Book Of Horror Stories), Corona Books - October 2019

Seeking Frailty - (published in Welcome Home), LVP Publications, December 2019

Midsummer Eve (Kin) - (published in Great British Horror 5), Black Shuck Books - available from publisher


Janine Inside Me - (published in Inferno), The Infernal Clock - December 2020 

SHORT FICTION / Magazines, Journals

Don't Run - (published in Devolution Z magazine), October 2015


Tear You Wide Open - (published in Devolution Z magazine), May 2016

So Dreamy Inside - (published in Turn To Ash, Volume 1), August 2016

The Quiet On The Water - (published in Weirdbook Magazine, Issue 36), August 2017

Time Alone - (published in Turn To Ash, Volume 3), December 2017

SHORT FICTION / Standalone stories

ForfeitTissue - paperback - front.jpg

Evil will resurface.


Demain Publishing, July 2019


(Reprinted from Crossroads In The Dark II anthology, Burning Willow Press, December 2016)


But Worse Will Come - Front Cover 002 (2

All those years ago, sunset was just the beginning.


Re-printed by Dream's Edge Publishing, August 2020

Semen - cover - final.jpg

Vicki's night ended on a high.​ Later days will reach new lows.

Among other things.

Re-printed by Dream's Edge Publishing, July 2020

Alice has no idea what's coming to her.


By the time she does, it will be too late.

LVP Publications, October 2020  

Not all marriages are happy.


But very few become this terrifying.



Dark Minds Press, February 2021