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Let's Talk Game

January sees me having finished basic clean-up on the latest novel. It's by no means finished, but it'll keep for now while I turn my hand to other things. Which include another novella or two, as well as the next novel. No rest for the wicked. Even though we're in the midst of a pandemic.

I know for a number of creators that last year was something of a 'dumpster fire' - an expression I hear more and more in describing 2020. I know a number of peers weren't in the mood to create and didn't - which I understand. In what can be seen as truly troubling times with massive fatalities on both sides of the water - and around the world - making it out alive is paramount. Do that and you're golden. Everything else is just detail. That said, a number of people rolled with those punches. Where social distancing had become part of everyday life, they still wrote, published, drew, painted, hosted, et al. Bringing dark media to the audience.

Even outside of a pandemic, there are those individuals who are seemingly unstoppable. The ones that are always writing, always working on something. The ones that bring stunning visuals with or without written words, and the ones with a critical eye to polish rough diamonds. The ones that review swathes of dark media landing in the marketplace, and the ones that give a platform to the creators. Those individuals who will champion diversity, inclusion and representation. The ones with talent, drive and savvy in how they do what they do.

The ones with game.

From a conversation I've had with one of my oldest beta readers more than once, there are varying levels of game. As an author, the bottom line is that you write. What you write, how you write and how often you write are something else altogether. A novice author who has written the first story might feel apprehensive about having someone else read it, let alone send it to a publisher/editor. That's the kind of confidence and resilience that can come with time and practise.

But that's not the thrust of this entry.

I don't have any trouble motivating myself to write. Certainly not with the muse still outrunning me. But in the realm of an indie (independent) author, I do my damnedest to make sure that nothing less than my best work gets to my audience. That's the game I bring; and if you really want it in detail (Game 101), feel free to look here.

Recent times - and certainly the last year - have shown me how a whole host of people bring game to the table. What I did was reach out to a number of those people to talk game; how they do what they do. And they accepted, for which I'm grateful.

So. Starting from the end of January, I'll take a back seat from the regular monthly journal updates and be hosting a series of Q&A sessions on game. Regular updates will still be on my homepage here, along with my Facebook and Twitter pages. Of course, I'll still be putting in work behind the scenes (as a slave to the muse, I'm cursed to obey). I imagine the guests will, too.

Let's talk game.



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