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Poor Little Author

You know, I'm almost tempted to say I haven't written for a while. But that wouldn't be true. Not a deliberate lie, but that wouldn't be entirely true.

As of this afternoon, I finished editing one piece, titled: "Tear You Wide Open" and sent it on its merry way to the publisher in question. Let's see if it comes back with a yay or nay - about 8 weeks down the line is the turnaround time for a reponse, they say. Sounds good to me. I'm good with the timescales. As things stand at the moment, my next piece is due out in July 2015, with Ragnarok Publications - the Inebria short I wrote for Angelic Knight Press' "Demon Rum" anthology.

Be it known that I'm not sitting idly, as it were. Every once in a while, I'll talk shop with Kelly (one of my valued heavy hitters) and hash it all out. She seems taken aback that I'd have so many submissions on the go at once. I'd aim for at least 10 a time, simply because it's a nice round number. But then, I knock out more short work than she does - something I tease her about. She may start to write short... and then strange forces take over and word count swells like a giant swelling thing. Still waiting on her novella, which I've gladly signed up to beta. But I digress.

I 'lament', because despite having knocked out and edited about 3 new shorts in the last 3 weeks, I've not written anything new. Even with today's short, I was keen to just clear it off the deck and turn my hand to fresh product. For me, there's only so much tweaking and polishing I'd want to do before I grow disenchanted with the piece, and then any further work on it might do more harm than good.

'Poor little author.'

Of course, that's not a wholly serious lament. I've got work out there (one of which earned me HWA membership), and the muse is still a fast little mover. She gives me ideas faster than I can write them.

And therein lies the rub - because lately, it feels like I haven't had the chance to write them. I don't bemoan it too much, since life has been busy in a good way. Outside of handling the various facets of being an author, there's been a social life too - and yeah, it's been quite a while since I stayed up past midnight knocking out something new.

Been a while since I wrote anything other than a short story. I do like those, but I want to knock out novellas and novels too. Like I say, the muse has been good to me, sexy siren she is. Not much in the way of writers' block.

Yeah. 'Poor little author.' That's me.

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