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Bend Your Ear (Again And Again And Again).

As an author, I can't produce finished work wholly in isolation. The first draft of a story, yeah, maybe. But even after I've done a run-through and cleaned up the basic typos and such, it's still not good enough. Oh no.

Ideally, I'll have at least one person do a critique, or crit, for me, which will capture everything from credibility to flow - maybe even how many commas I use. Yes: one such reader had made that observation. My most valuable critters (or MVCs) are those who are down to put in work and invest time and effort in helping me overhaul the product. Of course, I'm down to help them as well, but I think I got the better end of the deal, arguably because I knock out more product than they do. Terri, Av - I'll put in work for you ladies. You know that.

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to my heavy hitters: my go-to. These two ladies (Pat and Kelly) are the ones who have pretty much critiqued me from Day One. They are the ones who (seemingly (and hopefully)) never tire of having me harass them to overhaul my work. They're quick, honest and thorough. And I'm truly indebted in them, so in the event that they need an assist, I'm in there like swimwear (as Big Boy Mas used to say).

Let's not forget the likes of Nella and (the Queen) Bea, who are less writers, but have more of a handle on what makes/breaks a story. The sounding boards, the connoiseurs, the ladies in question - also giving feedback on the new site. Much appreciated. Charmed, I'm sure. Even less frequently is one Ian O' Neill. He bears special mention because while I've only sought him out once for a critique, he's always on hand for the smallest session of wise counsel, push come to shove. All of these people have me bend their ear at some point, whether it's a piece of flash fiction, a full-blown novel, the new layout for this site, whatever.

Know the importance of your team. You can't do the write thing without them.

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