Relative Downtime.

DeadSteam collections, Volume I and the newly-released Volume II are still available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in e-book and paperback format. My contributions to both show a dark past of  West Norwood Cemetery, and begin the Sunset Is Just The Beginning mythos.

The upcoming ChillerCon UK event has again been postponed. Given the current coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, there are no new dates as yet. Will post updates here and on social media (Facebook and Twitter) as and when I get them. After all, I'm still keen to meet as many of my horror brethren as humanly - and safely - possible.


Jan​uary sees the first draft of the passion project wrapped. I'm currently doing a basic clean-up of the draft before it gets sent on to my beta readers. That then leaves the new novel to tidy up - which is long overdue! Despite wanting/needing to take some time out between projects, I may also get some new short fiction written, as well as doing beta reads for peers. But, overall, I'm looking forward to relative downtime. I might actually get it...

Busy is as busy does.