No Rest For The Wicked.

Dark Minds Press novella There Goes Pretty is still available from Amazon U.K. and Amazon U.S. in both paperback and Kindle format.  Great British Horror 5: Midsummer Eve is still available from Black Shuck Books, as well as Amazon U.K and Amazon U.S.  


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the ChillerCon UK event is currently postponed until mid-March 2022. This year's BFS FantasyCon is currently scheduled for 24th - 26th September, in Birmingham. Pandemic permitting, I'll be there. While I've now booked attendance, it's still too early to say what role I might play in the convention: panels/Q&A/etc.


The BFS (British Fantasy Society) Spoken Word Online event last month was restricted in attendance - so only a few were privy to the online readings. As such, I'll endeavour to make more readings of my work available, whether on this site or on social media. And, of course I'll do my best to update you as and when that happens.

July sees me having wrapped a month of beta reading for author peers. At least now, I can get back to cleaning up at least one of the two novels knocked out in the last few months, as well as working on the new project. Which will be a new and exciting departure from anything I've written so far. Rest assured it's still horror and, hopefully, it'll still scare the shit outta you.

Busy is as busy does.