Behind The Scenes.

Dark Minds Press novella There Goes Pretty is still available from Amazon U.K. and Amazon U.S. in both paperback and Kindle format. Also, Great British Horror 5: Midsummer Eve, from Black Shuck Books (complete with new cover art) is still available from the publisher, as well as Amazon U.K, and Amazon U.S.  


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the ChillerCon UK event is currently postponed until mid-March 2022. This year's BFS FantasyCon is currently scheduled for 24th - 26th September, in Birmingham. Pandemic permitting, I'll be there. While I've now booked attendance, it's still too early to say what role I might play in the convention: panels/Q&A/etc.


With this year's StokerCon now a virtual event later this month, that may be more likely for me - more news on that as and when I can confirm. But, in the meantime, keep an eye on social media for virtual book launches and such, e.g. #BookTalk (on Twitter).

May sees me at a (relatively) sluggish pace on the first draft of the new novel, but on course to finish by the end of this month. Edits also need to be done to a previous novel, which may be on course for an autumn/fall release. Prep work has already started on the next project. Busy is as busy does.