Things To Come.

It's  a quiet start to the year. Which I'm grateful for.


My work released toward the end of last year is still available - Inferno; a collection of stories based around the nine circles of Hell in Dante's Inferno can be found on Amazon U.K. and Amazon U.S., courtesy of The Infernal Clock. Great British Horror 5: Midsummer Eve is still available direct from the publisher, Black Shuck Books. And stalker novella Downwind Alice is out now, from LVP Publications. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the publisher - who also have the e-book/audiobook bundle.  


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the StokerCon outing rebranded as ChillerCon UK is currently postponed until further notice and, as yet, the BFS FantasyCon for this year is still up in the air. But keep an eye on social media for virtual book launches and such, e.g. #BookTalk (on Twitter).

January sees a (thankfully!) slower pace to things, with basic edits to be done on work completed last year, along with starting prep for the new novel. As is usual when I'm between writing projects, I'll be whoring myself out for beta-reading duty. New work is expected to drop as early as this month and as late as October 2021 ...which should be just in time for Halloween. No, that's not an idle comment. Yes, that's a promise. But, in the near future, keep an eye out for new content; which is due to land on this site by the end of the month.


Busy is as busy does.




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