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Without Misery.

Misery Front Cover v1.jpg

Since publisher The Sinister Horror Company is closing for good come 2024, my collection Misery And Other Lines will be out of print come January. It's still available here, but not for long - so snag a copy while you can! The Black Beacon Book of Horror is still available here - and if you read my tale Divine Liquor in it, you may see a connection with Misery And Other Lines. And, as always, my full body of published work is here (in addition to the Free Fiction on this site).


I've already booked for StokerCon next summer in San Diego, CA, U.S.A. FanExpo at the end of August in Toronto, Canada is also on the agenda - hopefully this time as part of the programming as well as an attendee. More news as and when I have it.

Having already finished one book within the last couple of months, December should be a quiet month where I'm still researching and outlining the next book. The first draft of that should be done before the year is out. Which should then allow time to do edits on both books. Again, 'should.' Busy is as busy does.





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