The Nip And Tuck.

Having edited one project, I've found myself busy with another. The nip and tuck; the fine tuning of editing? That still continues, which can be an arduous process. The good thing about it is that the end is in sight. Plus, on top of that, it means new work is coming down the pike; so expect new fiction to land in the next few months - if that.

With the ChillerCon UK event now behind me, I now have some breathing space. The next convention for me will most likely be FantasyCon this September - and given that it's in London, how could I not? As yet, I'm not signed up for any programming ...but I probably will. Especially if there's another Tales In The  Dark session - which, by all accounts, was a hit at last year's FantasyCon.




 July should be a pretty quiet month. Currently into editing the last project, which should free me up to do some beta reading before I get back to writing again. I'll probably take the better part of August to beta read for my peers. A quieter time should help me recharge before I get back into knocking out new product.


Busy is as busy does.