No Rest Yet.

Now released: the Welcome Home anthology from Lycan Valley Press - with stories from Alison Garsha, JG Faherty, myself, and others. Available now on Kindle from both Amazon UK and Amazon US.


A couple of small social gatherings this month, for both the HWA (Horror Writers' Association) and the BFS (British Fantasy Society).

December sees me tidying up and tying off all other projects - mostly standalone works - which should be released throughout 2020. More news on those as and when I get them. Work has already started on research for the new novel, and I'm still on course to finish all the prep by the end of the year. The plan is still to finish the first draft before StokerCon (April) 2020.


January should then see me taking a break from writing, apart from picking up any beta work for my peers, along with any smaller projects that might come my way. Come February, I should be ready to knock out the novel.

​Busy is as busy does.


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