Stalking From Downwind.

Stalker novella Downwind Alice is out now, from LVP Publications. Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the publisher - who also have the e-book/audiobook bundle. 


Great British Horror 5: Midsummer Eve is still available direct from the publisher, Black Shuck Books. My offering appears alongside those from Simon Clark, Kelly White, Lisa Morton and others. For my novelette, those of you that read the Crossroads In The Dark series might recognise the mythos I expand on.


Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the StokerCon outing rebranded as ChillerCon UK is currently postponed until further notice. Both the BFS FantasyCon and Edge-Lit for this year are cancelled. But keep an eye on social media for virtual book launches and such, e.g. #BookTalk (on Twitter).

November sees me handling the finishing touches for upcoming projects. New work is already scheduled to land as early as January 2021 and as far as October 2021. Currently halfway on the first draft of the new novel, and on course to wrap by the end of this month. That leaves the next novella, which should be enough for the rest of the year. 'Should' be theory.  Busy is as busy does.



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