Things Set In Motion.

February 2020, and the Welcome Home anthology from Lycan Valley Press is still doing the rounds. Stories from Alison Garsha, JG Faherty, myself, and others. Out now on Kindle from both Amazon UK and Amazon US.

January saw me take a much-needed break from writing, as 2019 had me wrapping work on a number of projects due for release this year - one of which may drop as early as this month. More news as and when I get it. All prep work has been done for the new novel, to start writing it this month - and  finish the first draft before StokerCon (April) 2020.

In addition, there'll be other things I want to get done this year. Wheels have already been set in motion. As always, updates as and when I get them.

​Busy is as busy does.


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