Things To Do, Places To Be.

I'll start with an apology. The online discussion around mental health, led by fellow author Dave Jeffery, has already happened and I - not wanting to wait around longer on its late start - actually missed it when it did start. Driven as Dave is, I know he's looking to do a similar session with me in a future line-up, so I'll share details as and when I get them.

Mid-month - Friday 13th (yes, I know) - will see The Horrorific Podcast perform an excerpt from At The End Of A Pistol, which is chronologically the second tale in the Sunset Is Just The Beginning mythos. The actual excerpt will be available here.


Convention-wise, I'll be attending the upcoming StokerCon mid-month - online, rather than in person. Not in any official capacity, but I certainly want to meet and engage with as many of my horror brethren as possible. At the end of the month, I'll be at the ChillerCon UK event, scheduled for Thursday 26th May 2022 to Sunday May 29th 2022. So far, I'm due to guest on at least one panel. Will post updates here and on social media (Facebook and Twitter) as and when I get them.


The month of May sees a novel manuscript already handed to its publisher for review. ​I have another project to edit and return to that publisher in the near future. So rest assured that there's new work coming down the pike. June will probably see me take some relative downtime before I get into a new project. That'd be nice.

Busy is as busy does.