Rest And Relaxation.

Upcoming work scheduled for release later this year is nearing completion and, by all accounts, coming along nicely. Just as well; I've been up to my armpits in busy for the last few months, so some rest and relaxation wouldn't go amiss. A welcome change of pace.

Right now, FantasyCon in London is still scheduled to go ahead, albeit from 17th - 18th September - two days, rather than the standard three. I'm still going; especially since it's in my home town this year, how could I not? as yet, I don't know if I'll be involved in any programming - but, of course, I'll let you know if that changes; announced here and/or on social media.




August should be a relatively quiet month. I'm currently finishing the last of my edits, and still on course to get those done by the end of the first week. I'm already lined up for beta duty for the month, which is what I often do when I'm between projects. Among other things, it keeps me sharp, so I'm happy to take some on as and when I get the opportunity to. For the first time since 2019, I should also be back in Toronto come the end of the month for a change of pace and a much-needed holiday. Among other things, I'll be catching up with my peers across the water and doing a little networking.


By the time I get back in early September, I *should* be refreshed ...and ready to knock out some new product. After all, it's been a while.


Busy is as busy does.