Things In The Works.


Given that the coronavirus pandemic lockdown here in the UK has been eased (as of 19th July 2021), there's a growing likelihood that this year's BFS FantasyCon, currently scheduled for 24th - 26th September, in Birmingham, will go ahead. Work continues behind the scenes in terms of programming and such. As things stand at the moment, I'm likely to be involved in some of it; more news as and when I have it. Due to the same (COVID-19) pandemic, the ChillerCon UK event is currently postponed until mid-March 2022.


August sees me starting the month with all the basic research and outlining for the next project done; and the writing already under way. I still have at least a couple of novels to whip into shape; one of which I really need to clear off my desk, given how long ago I actually wrote the thing.

Thankfully, there's no beta duty to pull for the foreseeable future. Just as well, because there's still a lot of work to be done. That's assuming the muse doesn't get any more bright ideas in the meantime...

Busy is as busy does.