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Let's Begin.

Thankfully, a quiet start to the new year. The new novel is pretty much done and dusted; expect it to drop as early as this month - and I'll tease more about it in the run-up to the release date. Of course, I'll share more info as and when I get it.  As always, my full body of published work is here (in addition to the Free Fiction on this site).


Convention-wise, I might hit Derby this February for the UK Ghost Story Festival. I'm already booked to be at StokerCon this June. Aside from conventions, I'm also in the New Nightmares 6-Week Horror Writing School this March. It's a couple of months away, but I'm already weighing up what kind of content I'm going to cover. This is one I'm really looking forward to, so I hope you are, too.

January should - famous last words - be a quiet month. I've already hit the ground running on basic research and outlining for the new collection, as well as the next novel. As yet, I don't have an ETA for either work but, ideally, I'd have both of them done by June. There may also be an additional short that expands the Misery And Other Lines mythos.


And possibly another novella.


Busy is as busy does.



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