October 24, 2019

There are certain things I'm used to as part of stepping to a convention. Book launches and signings. Wandering around the convention centre. All-too-brief catch-ups and photo-ops with old friends - as well as new ones. Plus other things that are part and parcel of it...

March 30, 2019

Noon on a Saturday morning/afternoon. The last Saturday in March before the clocks go forward an hour. British springtime is here.
The last few weeks have seen me knock out a novelette which expands the Kin, We Are mythos featured in Crossroads In The Dark, Vol.4. Fo...

October 27, 2018

I'm not the most gregarious person. That's been called into question on a number of occasions, since I'd appear to be the guy who'll offer words of encouragement when someone has stumbled. Figuratively, not literally. Hell, that's just how I'm wired.
Different people...

April 22, 2018

As I write this, it's coming to midnight on Saturday 21st April, 2018. Which means that soon it'll be 22nd April 2018. Don't worry, I've got more on my mind than just a calendar.

Little over a week ago, I had sold a novella, called "But Worse Will Come." There are a few...

February 25, 2018

My first convention of the year. The horror con runs over the Saturday and Sunday (24th and 25th Feb this year), but I chose to go only for the Saturday. My main motivations behind going were:

1. to see what the con would be like, and 
2. to do any possible/additional p...

September 29, 2017

I remember from my signing at FantasyCon last year, where I was sat next to Jan Edwards. We agree that for those of us in the genre of horror/dark fiction, there are so many genuinely nice and supportive people around us. She says that this is because such people are t...

March 19, 2017

So about a month or so ago, I was hit up by Speaking Volumes. As part of the Breaking Ground project where they include 200 of the UK's black and minority ethnic writers in a brochure to showcase the same, they asked me if I wanted to be part of it. I said, "sure." The...

December 5, 2016

Recently, I had the email from the HWA reminding me that fees were due. Payment doesn't have to be made right now, but of course, they make the reminders to make sure that payments are timely. Will I pay the fee for another year? Most likely. After all, I've met some g...

September 29, 2016

I heard of Fantasycon a little while ago, and toyed with the idea of going. I say 'toyed', because I wasn't sure I'd actually get to go - what with the usual summer trip to Toronto. Not cheap. Still, there'd be a lot of opportunity at Fantasycon - as appears to be par...

August 30, 2016

Right now, I'm sat here on a Tuesday morning, Tuesday 30th August 2016. The day before I fly out to Toronto for the summer - my annual summer trip to Toronto. A break from the usual staples like heavy lifting, cooking and such. Not writing.
Not writing? Really? Yeah,...

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